The 3 steps of a Lean Selling project


The answer is in the Gemba.
  • Gemba is the place where things happen: First of all, it is necessary to interview company’s customers and especially customers who are still patronizing competitors, to get an objective view of Market perceptions.
  • To define the company’s true potential, it is also necessary to assess the strength of internal resources.
  • The end result will be a new definition of the sales strategy with a complete implementation plan.


Redesigning the Sales Organization for Customer Value.

Based on the results of the Sales Audit, all value activities are strengthened and non value added activities are eliminated.

  • By configuring each activity as a direct answer to a customer’s question, one can obtain an efficient and harmonized sales flow.
  • Also, by defining process standard work, the Sales Organization can become more controllable.
  • Finally, by coding activities and quantifying standard results, it becomes possible to forecast sales based on planned activities.

KAIZEN (Continuous Improvement)

Looking one step at a time you will be at the top without realizing it.
  • Once the lean transformation has been completed and the desired results are obtained, the entire project can be considered successfully completed.
  • Or, as the lean philosophy suggests, the conclusion of the project shall only be the beginning of a real path of Continuous Never Ending Improvement.
  • In this process, described as PDCA (Plan Do Check Act), continuous improvement becomes part of the company’s DNA.

The result will be a Sales Organization: orderly, controllable and predictable.